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Indian Student Accommodation In Abroad : Best Booking Guide & Tips

Student accommodation

For many students who want to go abroad for their higher education, it is important for them to understand the meaning of some terms, like safe student housing or student accommodation. Because before shifting to a foreign country for studies, it is important for the student to know what he will have to do to live there or how he will get an apartment. Are such options available near your campus or university or not, and if so, how can they be found? In this article, you will get information about student housing. And some important information related to it, like what things should be kept in mind while arranging housing for the student.

But before this, it is important to understand the meaning of some of the words mentioned above. Only after this will you be able to get accurate information about student housing.


What is a Student Accomodation?

Imagine that you are a student who wants to go abroad for your studies, but you do not know what the further processing will be. This means that you applied to a university abroad for your higher education, and you also received a call letter from the university. So now your next step will be that you will go abroad, but how will you make arrangements for your stay, food, and drink in that city to study at your university or campus? Now it is possible that you can rent an apartment, share a room, book a separate room, etc. This entire process is called student accommodation or student housing.

That is, the process of arranging accommodations for a student to study abroad is called student accommodation or student housing. In simple words, it can be said that student accommodation includes various arrangements made for living for the students.  But some other things are also included in this process, like your financial budget, your needs, student safety, etc.


Options For Students Accommodation/Housing: Tips

Abroad student housing tips

To study abroad, a student first finds an accommodation for himself. Students have many options for accommodation, but these options depend on the financial budget and needs of the student. Some options are explained below. 

On-campus dorms/halls (University Housing): Some universities provide hostel facilities to students. This facility can have a single room, a shared bedroom with a communal bathroom, and living areas. This is the best, safest, and easiest way to get student housing.

Off-campus apartments: This is another easy way for students to make their living arrangements, in which the student's budget plays an important role. Because of this, the student can rent an apartment, room, or house. You can increase it according to your needs and desires. A rented house or apartment will provide you with a comfort zone, but you can share the cost with your roommates.

Private Student Housing: Such facilities are provided to students abroad by some private companies. In which there are some private residences that are managed by private companies and that have furnished rooms, food, and many luxurious facilities. This type of housing facility is best for rich people, in which they can take accommodation as per their needs without worrying about money.

For all these options, there are many options for student accommodation abroad, such as staying with a family member or friend if that apartment is close to your campus.


Guide for Safe Student Housing & Safety Precautions Tips:

Safe Student Housing

To study in any country, it is necessary that you arrange for accommodation in a city close to your campus. But your safety is also important in student housing, so you need to keep some things in mind. However, there is no need to worry about safety in the hostels provided by the university. And even in housing provided by private companies, the company has full responsibility for your safety. But for manual housing, you need to keep the following things in mind:.

Apartment Location: Make sure that the place where you are going to live is close to public transportation and is in a populated area. Along with this, there should be police stations and hospitals in your area, because in case of any emergency, it reduces the risks related to your safety. 

Safety Measures: It is also important to keep in mind that there should be some security-related things in your apartment, like CCTV cameras, strong locks, security guards, etc. These things reduce crime happening near you and increase your safety.

Apart from all this, there are some other safety information that you need to keep in mind, like that there should be separate management for all the safety-related maintenance that keeps doing safety checks from time to time.


How to Book apartment for students housing in abroad?

How to Book apartment for students housing

If you want to book an apartment for student housing, there are many ways to do it. It depends on your needs, location, budget, and what kind of accommodation you want to get. Some of the best methods are explained to you in very simple language below.

Your Needs: This means that you should first think about your own needs. And after that, you have to see that you have to buy an apartment near the city or area in which your university or campus is located. And you will also have to decide in advance what your monthly expenses will be.

After this, you have to choose between on-campus apartments, off-campus apartments, and private student accommodations.


How to find Student Housing? Online/Offline Options

Some of the four best options for student housing through online and offline mediums are shown below.

1. Some universities provide housing to students in foreign countries. For which you can see the listing on the official website of your university. 

2. Online Platform: The second best solution left for you is online platforms that provide student housing, like or, etc. There are some websites that provide options for student accommodation. For this, you have to search the name of the city where you want to get accommodation on Google. Many websites will come in front of you; you have to check the website as per your requirements.

3. Social Media Groups: This method is the best. Because if you want people who are already living there to help you with accommodation, then the best solution for this is a social media group. You have to join the Facebook groups of whatever city or country you live in. Because, apart from you, there are many Indian people already living in that country who are studying or doing some other work. All those people are connected to Facebook groups; if you join those groups, then they will definitely help you. The process to apply to these groups is given below.


Facebook Groups for students housing

Step 1. Go to Facebook and search for a group, such as Indians in Berlin, Indians in Germany, or any other country. If you are looking for housing in India also, then this trick will work for you. For this, you have to search with the name of your country, like Americans in India.

Step 2. Process for applying in Facebook groups for housing:

First of all, you have to write a post in these groups, like "I am looking for a single room for a student that is affordable. Please DM me and let me know as soon as possible, because I need a room on an urgent basis." In the post, you can also tell about your requirements, like sharing the room.

Step 3. After this, you have to publish the post. For quick results, make sure you join more than one group. After this, people will definitely help you. This method is the easiest way to find student housing, and it is possible that you will get a room in a few days.


Things to keep in mind before booking an apartment for accommodation:

Apartments booking for students housing

The methods above will help you find the best student accommodations. But before booking an apartment, it is important to keep some things in mind, which are as follows:.

1. Budget & Rent: First of all, you have to determine what your financial budget is, which means how much you can spend on housing. Decide on your apartment rent accordingly.

2. Lease agreement & Terms: To take a room on rent, a lease agreement is signed between you and the landlord. In which some lease terms are written. First of all, read the agreement carefully and understand what is written in it related to the rental period, payment expectations, and termination procedure. Sign only after reading all the agreement terms carefully.

3. Room Sharing: Room sharing can divide your expenses because the expenses incurred by you alone are divided between two or more people.

4. Fraud/Scam: Whenever you are looking for housing and the housing provider online demands money in advance from you, say that you should send the money now as an advance booking. So do not do this at all; rather, go directly to the housing provider and discuss the rent, and tell them how much rent you can pay.


Student Accomodation/Housing in India:

Just like the housing options in foreign countries, similar options are available in India too. Which includes options like on-campus hostels, off-campus apartments, and paying guest (PG) accommodations. The method of finding housing is also the same. And in India, too, the service of safe student housing is provided by some popular companies. You can see the names of some companies below.

Companies Providing Student Accommodation in India:

At present, many companies are providing student housing in famous cities or any other place in India. Apart from famous cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Jaipur, some companies provide housing services across the country. Currently, Jheel Mehta is in the student accommodation business in Mumbai. Apart from this, the names of some popular companies are given below.

1. Stanza living India, 2. Zolo stays, 3. Your hostel; 4. Nestaway, etc. Apart from these, there are many companies that you can search for online.


In this article, answers to basic questions related to student housing can be found. Using the guidance shown in this article, you can find student accommodation in many countries, including the United Kingdom, US, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, and India. In the process of finding housing, it is important to keep in mind many important things, like a comfortable zone, a safe and secure environment, etc. For this, you can do online research, talk to former residents, use Facebook groups, etc. Keep in mind that a safe and supportive living environment enhances your student experience.

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