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Analysis of the Real Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru Gandhi Family Tree

Mahatma Gandhi and Feroze Gandhi family tree

There was a time when the fame of "Mahatma Gandhi" was all around. But today, no one even knows his real descendants. So know that if Rahul and Sonia Gandhi are not the descendants of Mahatma Gandhi, then who are their real descendants? And why is he living a life of anonymity?

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Important things to note:

Issues keep arising in the country of India, but this thing has also been a matter of discussion for years: what is the real religion of Rahul Gandhi? Is Rahul Gandhi Muslim or Hindu? And why does Congress always support only anti-Hindu ideologies?


The most important question arises: when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's daughter Indira Nehru was married to Feroze Jehangir, then why does her family claim themselves to be Hindu today? If we do not look at the political reasons, then it is known that the Nehru family had no relationship even remotely with the family of Mahatma Gandhi. So today, this family calls itself the Gandhi family.


Mahatma Gandhi (in brief):
The full name of "Mahatma Gandhi" was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Who was born on October 2, 1869, in Porbandar (India). Mahatma Gandhi died on January 30, 1948, in Delhi.

His family belonged to the Vaishya (merchant caste). He was 13 when he married Kasturbai Makhanji with the consent of his parents. He had four sons. Gandhiji learned tolerance and non-violence towards living beings from an early age. That's why they stayed away from meat, alcohol, and fornication.

Rahul and Sonia Gandhi are not the real descendants of Mahatma Gandhi:

Today, even though the current Gandhi family is known by the surname "Gandhi", the fact is that neither Rahul Gandhi nor Sonia Gandhi are the real descendants of Mahatma Gandhi. After Gandhi, the name of the Gandhi family that comes to mind when hearing the word Gandhi is not actually the family of Mahatma Gandhi. Neither Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, nor Priyanka Gandhi.

Forget the family; the current Gandhi family's surname, Gandhi," is not the real name of this family. Has this family pretended to be the Gandhi family for so many years to fulfill their political aspirations?


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Important questions:
First - If this family is not the real family of Mahatma Gandhi, then which Gandhi family are they descendants of? And how did he get the surname Gandhi? Has this family been pretending to be Mahatma Gandhi's family for years?

Second - Second question: if this family is not of Mahatma Gandhi, then who is the real descendant of Mahatma Gandhi? And why weren't we taught the truth about these two families in the books? Why Mahatma Gandhi kept his real family hidden and presented the Nehru family in front of the world by giving it the name of the Gandhi family

Because the real family of Mahatma Gandhi is either living a life of oblivion or people do not know much about them.

Are the two families separate?

The current Gandhi family begins with Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the first woman Prime Minister of India. Being the daughter of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, her name before marriage was Indira Nehru. She was married to Feroze Jehangir Ghandhy (Ghandhy, not Gandhi) on March 26, 1942.

Firoz Jahangir, who had been active in politics for a long time, was very close to Mahatma Gandhi. Along with this, Indira's father, Jawaharlal, was also close to Mahatma Gandhi. Therefore, it can be said that the present Gandhi family and Mahatma Gandhi's family are not the same.

Before understanding the surname dispute between these two families, one has to know about the real genealogy of Mahatma Gandhi and the current Gandhi family.

- Mahatma Gandhi Family -
Mahatma Gandhi Family Tree

Gandhi Lineage (Lalji Gandhi - Daman Gandhi):

According to officially available information, the Gandhi family begins with Lalji Gandhi. Because in history, the information about Mahatma Gandhi's lineage is available only from Lalji Gandhi. Whose birth is believed to be around the 17th century. Ramji Gandhi was the son of Lalji Gandhi. And the son of Ramji Gandhi was Rahidas Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi Family tree


Rahidas Gandhi had two sons, Harjivan Gandhi and Daman Gandhi. By the way, nothing is found in history about Daman Gandhi's family because Harjivan Gandhi's son, Uttamchand Gandhi, took the Gandhi family forward.


Gandhi Lineage ( Uttamchand Gandhi ):
Uttamchand Gandhi later had two marriages. In which his first wife's name was Kadavima and his second wife's name was Laxmima. He had five sons with his first wife, Kadavima. Vallabhji, Ratanji, Pitambar, Premkuvar, and JeevanlalUttamchand Gandhi Family tree

And with his second wife, Laxmima, he had two sons. Karamchand (Kaba) Gandhi, and the other son was Tulsidas.


Gandhi Lineage ( Karamchand Kaba Gandhi ):

Karamchand Gandhi's full name was Karamchand Uttamadas Kaba Gandhi, who was born in 1822 in the Porbandar district of the British Raj and died on November 16, 1885.

karamchand uttamchand kaba Gandhi

Image Source : Wikipedia Karamchand Kaba Gandhi

Karamchand Gandhi later had four marriages. But in history, only information about his three wives is available. In which his first wife was Muliben, his second wife was Pankunvarben, and his third wife's name was Putlima. Karamchand Gandhi's wife, Putlima, gave birth to four sons. In which the name of the first son is Laxmidas, whom people also called Kalidas. His second son's name was Gokiben, his third son's name was Krishnadas, and his fourth son's name was Mohandas.

Who later became Mahatma Gandhi. Whom we know today by the name of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

Gandhi Lineage ( Mahatma Gandhi ):
Mahatma Gandhi was married to Kasturba Devi, with whom he had four sons: Harilal Manilal, Ramdas, and Devdas. Harilal Gandhi was married to Chanchalben, Manilal Gandhi was married to Sushilaben, Ramdas Gandhi was married to Nirmala Ben, and Devdas was married to Lakshmi Devi.Mahatma Gandhi Family tree

Gandhi Lineage ( Harilal Gandhi )

According to Wikipedia, Harilal Mohandas Gandhi was born on August 23, 1888, in New Delhi, in the British Raj. Harilal Gandhi was the eldest of his four brothers. Mahatma Gandhi's son, Harilal Gandhi, who was married to Chanchalben, later expanded his family considerably.

Harilal Gandhi Family tree

Harilal died at the age of 60 on June 18, 1948, four months after Gandhi's death. Being an alcoholic, he suffered from liver disease and possibly syphilis. Harilal's death certificate is preserved in the archives of the BMC in Vakola.

He had two daughters and two sons with his wife, Chanchalben. Which are Rani, Kantilal, Rasik, and Manuben, respectively. There is not much detailed information about Harilal's son, Rasik, but his two daughters and Kantilal's family spread further.


Gandhi Lineage ( Rani Gandhi ):

Harilal Gandhi's elder daughter, Rani Harilal Gandhi, was married to Kunwarji Parekh. From whom his three daughters and a son were born: Anasuya, Neelam, Navamalika, and Prabodh, respectively.

The pedigree chart of Harilal Gandhi's elder daughter, Rani Gandhi, is shown below.

Mahatma Gandhi Family tree

Gandhi Lineage ( Kantilal Harilal Gandhi ):

Kantilal Harilal Gandhi, the second son of Mahatma Gandhi's elder son, Harilal Gandhi, was married to Saraswati Devi. From whom later two sons, Shanti Kumar and Pradeep, were born. Kantilal's son Shantikumar had four children, and his second son Pradeep had two sons.

According to Wikipedia and some main sources, the genealogical order of Kantilal Harilal Gandhi is as follows:

Kantilal Gandhi Family tree

Gandhi Lineage ( Manuben Harilal Gandhi )

Much information is not available about Harilal Gandhi's third Rasik Lal. But detailed information is available about Harilal Gandhi's daughter, Manuben Harilal Gandhi.

Manuben harilal Gandhi Family tree

Gandhi Lineage (Manilal Gandhi - second son of Mahatma Gandhi):
Manilal Gandhi, the second son of Mahatma Gandhi, was the youngest of four brothers. He was born on October 28, 1892, in Rajkot. He was married to Sushila Mashruwala in 1927. And he died on April 5, 1956, at the age of 63. Three children, Sita, Arun, and Ila, were born to Manilal Gandhi.
Manilal Gandhi Family tree

Gandhi Lineage (Ramdas - third son of Mahatma Gandhi):
Ramdas Gandhi Family tree

Ramdas Mohandas Gandhi, the third son of Mahatma Gandhi, was born on January 2, 1897. He was married to Nirmalaben. From whom three children were born to him. The names of their two daughters are Sumitra and Usha, respectively. And his son's name is Kanu Bhai. Kanu Bhai's wife's name was Shivalakshmi. However, even after marriage, Kanubhai did not get child happiness.


Kanu Gandhi
Image Source : Hindustan Times Kanubhai Gandhi With His Wife Shivalakshmi

Kanu Gandhi


In these videos, you will get to know more about Kanubhai Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi.

Despite being the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Kanubhai had to live in obscurity. He did not get any special benefit from the fame of his grandfather, Gandhiji. And he spent his life in poverty. And he died on November 7, 2016, due to poverty and not being able to get proper treatment.

Gandhi Lineage (Devdas - fourth son of Mahatma Gandhi):

In brief, Devdas Gandhi, the fourth and youngest son of Mahatma Gandhi, was born on May 22, 1900, in Durban, South Africa. He was married to Lakshmi Gandhi. And he died on August 3, 1957, in Mumbai.

Lineage of Devdas Gandhi 
Devdas Gandhi Family tree

- Nehru family Tree (Present Gandhi family) -

Nehru Gandhi Family Tree

Nehru Lineage (Rajcol, founder):

According to some historians, Raj Kaul is considered the founder of this Nehru family. Rajkol is considered to be the first recorded ancestor of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. And it is said that Raj Kol came to Delhi from Kashmir in 1716. And it is said that after leaving Kashmir, he left his surname Kol and adopted Nehru. However, no definite proof of this has been found.

Nehru family tree

Biswa Nath Kaul, son of Raj Kaul, was born in 1726. And then later, Vishwanath Kaul had three sons: Mansa Ram Nehru, Tika Ram Nehru, and Saheb Ram Nehru. Mansa Ram Nehru had a son whose name was Lakshmi Narayan Nehru.

Gangadhar Nehru, the son of Lakshminarayan Nehru, was born on September 23, 1827, in the lineage of the Nehru dynasty. And Gangadhar Nehru was the grandfather of Jawaharlal Nehru.

Nehru Lineage ( Gangadhar Nehru - 1827 ):

According to historians, Gangadhar Nehru served as the Chief Police Officer in the 1857 War of Independence. He was married to Jeverni Bai. From whom he had three sons: Motilal Nehru, Nandlal Nehru, and Patrani Nehru. Gangadhar Nehru's death is believed to have occurred on February 4, 1861.

Gangadhar nehru family tree

Motilal Nehru, the son of Gangadhar Nehru, was born on May 6, 1861. Later, Motilal Nehru was married to Swaroop Rani Nehru. He was president of Congress twice, in 1919–1920 and 1928–1929. He died on February 6, 1931, in Lucknow.

According to the chronological genealogy, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was born on November 14, 1889, in the house of Motilal Nehru. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was married to Kamla Devi. From whom one of his daughters, Indira Nehru, was born. Who later became the first woman Prime Minister of India.


- Current Gandhi Family - 

It is not hidden from anyone that at present, which family is known as 'Gandhi? But the twist in the tale comes when it is revealed that the family adopted the Gandhi surname after being influenced by the fame of Mahatma Gandhi. Because this present Gandhi family started with Feroze Jehangir Ghandy (Ghandy in English). When he was married to Indira Nehru, daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru.

Indira Gandhi Family tree

How did the Nehru family get the surname 'Gandhi'?
Full credit goes to Feroze Gandhi (Ghandy) for the Nehru family's Gandhi surname. Because in 1930, Feroze's first meeting with Kamla Nehru and Indira took place between women protesters demonstrating outside the Christian College. Kamala fainted from the heat of the sun, and Firoz went to console her. The next day, he left his studies to join the Indian independence movement. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, Feroze changed the spelling of his surname from "Ghandy" to "Gandhi" after joining the independence movement.

But even till now, the present Gandhi family has not said anything openly in this matter.


Feroze Jahangir Gandhi
Image Source : OpIndia Feroze Jahangir Gandhi & Indira Gandhi

When did the family of Firoz Jahangir (Ghandy) become the Gandhi family?

Indira Gandhi was born on November 19, 1942, a year after the marriage of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. And later, on March 26, 1942, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru got Indira Gandhi married to Feroze Jahangir. And it was only after this marriage that a controversy arose in the country. And people objected to it. And people also wrote many letters to Gandhiji objecting to this marriage. Saying that, how could Jawaharlal Nehru marry his daughter to a Persian?

According to the second opinion of historians, Feroze Jehangir and Jawaharlal Nehru used to meet Gandhiji. Because at that time Mahatma Gandhi had become a national symbol. And at that time, every person and every child in the country had become familiar with the name Gandhi. Simply put, the name Gandhi has become a brand.


Meanwhile, seeing the popularity of Gandhiji, Feroze Jahangir started replacing Gandhi with "Ghandy" in his surname. And it is said that even Mahatma Gandhi came to know about it. But by the time he could say anything, it was too late. Because Mahatma Gandhi was shot dead in 1948.

Firoz Jahangir had already started using the surname Gandhi. And even later, instead of Ghandy, he continued the surname Gandhi after Mahatma Gandhi. And for this reason, Indira Nehru, instead of becoming Indira Ghandy, became Indira Gandhi.

And when the Congress party came to power after independence and Indira Gandhi became Prime Minister in 1966, Even then, the Congress Party continued to use the Gandhi surname. And since then, we have been taught Gandhi in history books with the family names of Indira and Feroze Gandhi instead of Ghandy. Because the reality was never told about it in the books.


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In this article, the complete genealogy of the Mahatma Gandhi family tree and the present Nehru Gandhi family, known as Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi, is given. In this, we have mainly looked at "Rahul and Sonia Gandhi are not the descendants of Mahatma Gandhi and how this family is taking advantage of the Gandhi surname".

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