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Chica Loca By Sunny Leone: Best Multi Cuisine Restaurant In Noida Sector 129

Chica Loca by sunny leone

Sunny Leone, who is called the baby doll of Bollywood, has also entered the business race, like Priyanka Chopra. And the actress has entered the food industry and opened her first restaurant and cafe in Noida, Sector 129. Sunny Leone used to work in the adult film industry before coming to Bollywood, but ever since she came to Bollywood, she has created a new identity with her hard work and dedication. 

Sunny Leone has opened her first restaurant in Noida Sector 129, named Chica Loca. Sunny Leone has given a Spanish name to her restaurant, Chica Loca, which is a Spanish word that means "Crazy Girl." Chica Loca restaurant was inaugurated on January 22, 2024, about which the actress herself informed people through her Instagram.


Chica Loca By Sunny Leone Restuarant & Cafe:

A Noida-based Chica Loca restaurant has been opened by Sunny Leone in collaboration with Sahil Baweja, director of Singing Bowls Hospitality. You will get to eat many types of delicious dishes in this luxury-themed restaurant located on two floors. And in different varieties of dishes, you will get low prices, but you will have many options. You can come to this restaurant with your family and friends and try many things, like having a party and enjoying different types of cocktails. And along with this, this cafe also provides you with the facility of a nightclub or bar.

The café offers wine, small plates, a salad bar, and late-night food. It also has rooftop seating, a fireplace, and live music. Some say the cafe has a great ambiance and service. Others say it's a good place to visit with family and friends.



Experience a Variety of Food Items at Chica Loca: 

The special thing about Chica Loca Sunny Leone is that this restaurant is based on the Sunny Leone Travel Experience. She says that I have traveled to many countries and tasted the cuisine there; that is why I have tried to give the same experience in Noida. In this luxurious and vibrant restaurant, you will get to see multiple cuisines from many countries, like Indian, Asian, European, and Italian. The menu of this restaurant reflects Sunny Leone's global travel experience, and the food items on the menu are cooked with the unique cooking techniques of chef Vaibhav Bhargav.

Sunny Leone has traveled all over the world, a glimpse of which can be seen in the pictures displayed on the walls of the restaurant. Sunny himself is a vegan, which is why you can taste many vegetarian food items on the menu here, like Indonesian mushrooms, gold dumplings (Momos), tomato cream soup, blast pizza, avacado chat papdi, etc. Apart from this, you can enjoy Sunny Leone's favorite drinks, like Rainbow Tripping, Bollywood Diva Energy, Charlie Drink, etc. Many types of continental dishes are available on this menu, which will take your culinary experience to the next level. The rooftop dining experience of this restaurant with your friends gives you a unique opportunity to taste its different types of delicious dishes.


How to Visit Sunny Leone's Restuarant Chica Loca?

Chica Loca Restaurant Address

Sunny Leone's Chica Loca restaurant is located on the 4th floor of Gulshan One 29 Mall in Noida Sector 129. You can come here with the help of Google Maps; apart from this, it can be reached by all types of transport resources. The complete address of Chicka Loca is Plot Nos. C3 and E1, Noida-Greater Noida Expy, Sector 129, Noida, Uttar Pradesh.


Chica Loca is a celebrity restaurant. The restaurant has started receiving positive reviews since its opening. In many reviews, it was said that the behavior of the staff in this restaurant is friendly and the service is excellent. If you are a Sunny Leone fan or want to enjoy multiple cuisines in a luxurious environment, then you should definitely visit. Another special thing about Chica Loca by Sunny Leone is that it's a second brand, while the first brand is StarStruck, a cosmetic brand started in 2018, where they sell perfumes and many types of beauty products. The first branch of Chica Loca Restuarant has been opened in Noida, but if it gets a good response, its other branches can be opened in different cities of the country.

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