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The story behind MBA Chai Wala being called Panauti: Check Facts

MBA Chai Wala panauti

Prafull Billore does not need any introduction. It is famous all over the country because of its unique concept, MBA Chai Wala. And the biggest reason for its popularity in the entire country is that tea is drunk with great enthusiasm in every house, every street, every city, and every village in India. Because in India, people's day does not start without tea, and people love to drink it. Because of this, it would not be wrong to call it the national beverage of India. And that is because India itself utilizes 80 to 85% of the tea production. This can also be understood in this way: India's tea production in 2023 was 1350 million kg, but the domestic consumption of tea was 1100 to 1150 million kg.

Keeping in mind the interest of people in tea in India, Prafulla started MBA Chai Wala in 2016 with a new concept. And today, they have more than 100 outlets across the country. Now it is not that you get only tea in MBA Chai Wala, but many types of food menu items are also available in it, which you can enjoy with tea.


Who is Prafull Billore?

Prafull Billore is the founder and CEO of MBA Chai Wala Group. Prafulla Billor is best known for his motivational speeches and social media presence. The company run by him has more than 100 outlets across the country, which are present in many famous cities in the country.

Due to his motivational speech and social media presence, there are many interesting stories behind Prafull Billore. Because of this, his fans keep trolling him in a funny way. Whenever he does any activity on his social media, his fans find some meme point and spread it on social media. Because of this, many types of memes are made of them. The reason behind people trolling Prafull Billore the most is that whenever he meets any famous personality, businessman, or any other person, then people associate him with the thought that "If Prafull meets someone, then the bad luck will start with that person." And because of this, Memers has given the tag "Panauti" to Prafull Billore.


Why are people calling Prafull Billore "Panauti"?

"Panauti" or "Panoti" is a Hindi word that simply means bad luck or unlucky. In other words, it means ill-fated, inappropriate, not simply or untimely. It can be understood in this way that the word panauti represents negativity. This word is also used in India as a joking statement to someone. And even with Prafull Billore, people say Panauti in a funny manner. There are many interesting reasons for which the story behind it is also hilarious.

Prafull Billore

People started calling Prafull Billore Panauti when he started his tea business in Indore. Then he had seven outlets in Indore. But a public figure, Ravi Chaudhary, posted a story on his Instagram that six out of seven of his outlets have been closed, and he had sold franchises by misleading the youth. After that, whenever he met someone, people started trolling him. And since then, this rumor has spread among the people that this is Panauti, and if they meet anyone, then bad things start happening to them. But it doesn't make any sense in reality.


But people say that whoever gets photographed with mba chai wala, a downfall starts in their career. In the past, Prafulla had photographed Gaudam Adani, Manish Kashyap, Surya Kumar Yadav, Arvind Arora, and Aman Gupta, but after some time, there was some decline in the careers of these people. Now people have linked it to the fact that MBA Chai Wala met these people, and because of this, bad things happened to them.

However, this does not make any sense, because there were some other reasons behind all this. For example, Adani was included in the list of the 2nd richest person, but suddenly he came to the 25th. So the reason behind this was Hindenburg's report, not MBA Chai Wala getting photographed with Gautam Adani. And the same thing applies to other people as well. Because repeatedly trolling a person by using the word Panauti can make him vulnerable to mental stress.


MBA Chai Wala and Gautam adani

Popular reasons for being called "Panauti":

People troll Prafull by calling him Panauti because whenever he meets someone, something bad happens to that person. As soon as he met Gautam Adani, there was such a big downfall in his career. And he also met Manish Kashyap, Surya Kumar Yaadav, Arvind Arora, Aman Gupta, and physics professor Wala Alakh Pandey. It is true that these people faced some problems in their lives, but there were different reasons behind them. Some of the detailed reasons for this are mentioned below.

Gautam Adani:

On January 24, 2024, Hindenburg's report came on Adani Group, in which many allegations were made against Adani Group, like stock manipulation, accounting fraud, and corporate malfeasance. Due to this, the shares of Adani Group fell, and Gautam Adani came straight to number 25 on the list of the 2nd richest person in the world.

Manish Kashyap:

He was arrested in Bihar by the Economic Offenses Unit (EOU) for allegedly circulating fake videos showing attacks on migrant workers from Bihar working in Tamil Nadu. Not even once; he has been arrested multiple times due to several reasons. There were some political reasons behind Manish Kashyap going to jail.

Surya Kumar Yadav:

Now if someone does not perform well in cricket, then it is not fair to blame it on someone else.

Arvind Arora:

YouTuber Arvind Arora went to Shark Tank India season 2 to pitch for his company, Conker App. In the revenue discussion of his YouTube channel, Arvind Arora gave a figure of Rs 10 to 15 lakhs, but some shark judges did not like his company's pitch, due to which he got rejected.


Panauti MBA Chai Wala

MBA Chai Wala again faced trolling for this?

On February 6, 2023, Prafull Billore shared a video on his Instagram account in which he is standing in a wheat field and music is playing in the background. But as usual, people started trolling Prafulla and started spreading memes on social media that "now the wheat crop will be ruined" and "now famine is going to occur." The comment section of his video is filled with funny trolling comments like this. And people are sharing this thing a lot, which is also going viral. People trolled this video in such a way that people started saying that you went to the wheat field, which is why the farmers have started protesting. You can watch the viral video of Prafull Billore on social media below, which is quite funny.

Instagram Viral Video 

Prafull Billore: These people's shops run because of me

In an interview given to Shivam Malik, Prafulla Billore said that people's careers are running because of me. Because if people are roasting me and selling my product, then it is for my benefit only. Check out the video below.


In today's era, people keep trolling each other on social media. But doing so can have adverse mental effects on that person. And due to being made fun of repeatedly, that person may take steps that can affect his life. Many times, a person becomes the butt of jokes for reasons he has not done. The same is the case with Prafull Billore, because there is no justification for saying that Prafull Billore is unlucky just because he meets someone or gets photographed with him.

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